Mocha: Setup Debug for PHPstorm+NodeJS

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I like to debug PHP code with PHPStrom. It simply click "Debug Icon" and debugging process automatically catch all scripts running from console or browser and no other manipulation needed.

NodeJS has another debug approach and it different from PHP, also, it is much complicated. You should setup debugging for every a file or a directory and run in directly from PHPStorm (or maybe I do not find method how to configure it).

So, from the main menu, Run | Edit Configuration | + | Mocha. There is nothing special here. Select "Test file", and if you need pass "Extra Mocha options"

I never used VS but it seems that it much more simpler then in PHPStorm. It has great option named "Node: Auto Attach" which allow automatically attach node debugger when NodeJS was launched in debug mode from integrated terminal

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