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Country folder vs country subdomain

OK, this one might not be as deadly as previous six, but it’s a common decision you need to make. Should you have translation URLs in folders ( or subdomains (

In most cases it will make very little difference and you can go either way. There is one thing to consider, though. Do you have a separate mobile theme on a subdomain ( or In case you do, it would make your life much easier in handling canonicals if you go with the folder language structure since it would be easy to have mobile versions for all languages and implement rel alternates and rel canonicals properly (, etc.).

URL structure

Before you start adding new stores to Magento, you should have a clear understanding of how each store will be addressed, i.e. how the URL will look like. You basically have three approaches:

  • Domain (e.g. and
  • Subdomain (e.g. and
  • Folder (e.g. and

В magento для мультистору елегантним рішенням мультимовності буде піддомен, а для директорії потрібно робити костиль.

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