Install Varnish & Redis on CentOS 6.*

Table of Content

Дана інструкція підходить, лише потрібно замінити rpm-репозиторій на

Start Varnish Web Accelerator
To start Varnish at system start-up, type the following command to make it start at system boots.
# chkconfig –level 345 varnish on

Configure Varnish

Install Redis and PhpRedis
# yum –enablerepo=epel,remi,rpmforge install redis

Finally, we need to add the service to chkconfig, set it to auto-start, and actually start the service:

chkconfig –add redis
chkconfig redis on
service redis start
Again, test the installation of Redis:

redis-cli ping
If the result is ‘PONG’, then installation has been successful.

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